About Us

Howdy y'all! We are David and Rhonda Skinner from Fort Worth, Texas and we love balsamic vinegar. We were first introduced to Gourmet Blends in 2011, and we were blown away by the smooth, yet rich flavor we experienced with every taste. The texture, taste, and smell were all so different from the balsamics we were used to buying at the grocery store. Upon doing a little research and talking to a few of our friends in the culinary industry, we came to learn more than we had set out to learn about TRUE balsamic vinegar.


Gourmet Blends tastes different, because it is different. Balsamic vinegar sold at grocery stores consists of wine vinegar, grape must, and caramel color. Gourmet Blends consists of balsamic vinegar; no smoke and mirrors, just the real deal. 


If you haven't tried Gourmet Blends, we hope you will give it a try. We love it, and we know you will too. 



David and Rhonda Skinner